Today on The Final Table radio show, we tackled a topic we get asked about all the time — poker player finances. We talked with Ann-Margaret Johnston, a CPA whose client list includes a lot of poker players, and author of “How To Turn Your Poker Playing Into A Business.”

She explained what you’re supposed to do tax-wise if you’re a tournament player, a cash game player, or an online player — from what records you need to keep to whether you have to report the money in your online accounts to what expenses you can write off to how to handle swapping stakes to declaring yourself a professional.

Dennis & I also discussed our weekends in Los Angeles, where I played at the Commerce Casino while Dennis played at the Bicycle Casino in a big cash game that was streamed online, as well as the $10,000 buy-in Bounty Shootout (which was won by Pat Walsh, a fellow St. Louisan).

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Next week, we’ll bring you two more interviews we recorded at the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championships — Peter Eastgate (in one of his first interviews since returning to poker) and Jason Alexander (yes, from Seinfeld).