Today on The Final Table poker radio show, we continued following the fallout of the Full Tilt Poker indictments, including:

  • the DOJ’s warrant to seize the bank accounts of Full Tilt principals Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Ray Bitar, and Rafe Furst;
  • public statements from Furst;
  • claims by attorneys for both Ferguson and Full Tilt that there was no “ponzi scheme”;
  • comments from Tom Dwan (one of Full Tilt’s sponsored pros) who says the indictments are “good news”;
  • the Poker Players Alliance’s attempts to get restitution for Full Tilt players;
  • Epic Poker League stripping Lederer and Ferguson of their eligibility;
  • Congressman Barney Frank saying he’ll return Full Tilt’s campaign contributions;
  • the possible identity of the possible investor that could possibly save Full Tilt;
  • several questions from our Twitter followers, too.

In our guest segment, we spoke with Kristin Wilson, who runs Poker Refugees, a service for Americans who want to move to another country so they can continue playing online poker legally. She explained which places are the easiest to move to, what the regulations are regarding establishing residency, how long it takes to get set up in a new home, and much more.

In our poker coach segment, Joe Tehan of explained how to simplify your game instead of over-thinking it.

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