This week on my poker radio show, The Final Table, we had a World Series Of Poker theme (the 2009 WSOP starts 3 weeks from today).

Dennis Phillips and Joe “The Poker Coach” McGowan shared tips on how to play in the WSOP Main Event (where Dennis finished third last year) — particularly the lower-limit events — from the range of hands you should play early on, how aggressive you should be to build your stack, whether you should worry about where you stand in relation to the average chip count, and much more.

We also talked with Nolan Dalla, media director for the WSOP, about some of this year’s changes, including the new $1,000 buy-in “stimulus special” tournament on the first weekend (which is expected to draw thousands of players), and the $40,000 buy-in anniversary event (which will be probably draw fewer than 200 players). As far as TV coverage goes, Nolan revealed that ESPN is increasing the number of hours they’ll dedicate to the Main Event, but eliminating any non-hold’em events from the coverage (so you won’t see HORSE, Stud, Omaha, or any other kinds of poker this year).

Then we discussed his recent interview with legendary gambler Amarillo Slim about the incident that made Slim a pariah in the poker community, pleading guilty to child molestation involving his granddaughter in 2003.

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