This week on my poker radio show, The Final Table, Dennis Phillips and I talked about last-minute preparations for the 2009 World Series Of Poker, which starts tomorrow.

After we talked about the busy two days Dennis will have after landing in Vegas this morning, we made prop bets on how many people will show up for some of the best-known events and which former champion has the best chance of winning the Champions Invitational, and revealed our fantasy picks for which pros are likely to have the best success at this year’s WSOP.

Joe “The Poker Coach” McGowan explained why he likes wearing sunglasses at the table, and Dennis explained why he doesn’t. That led into a discussion of facial tells to watch for, including what it means when your opponent is staring you down. Then we got into a hand I played recently where I flopped a set of jacks and, before I had a chance to bet, had to make a big decision against three opponents.

Next week, we’ll do the show from Vegas, where all three of us are looking forward to playing in the WSOP (I’ll get there Friday night).

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