This week on my poker radio show, The Final Table, Dennis Phillips and I talked about the finale of the World Series Of Poker Main Event, which played out this weekend and aired last night on ESPN.

Dennis was there, along with poker pro Annie Duke, who joined us to give you a first-person reaction to the long hours of play and the astounding turn of events that led to Joe Cada defeating Darvin Moon heads-up to become the youngest world champion ever. Joe “The Poker Coach” McGowan also watched all the final table action at The Rio, and offered his observations about tells and strategic errors he spotted in several players.

We talked about some of the dubious plays that both Moon and Cada made, as well as how much of a factor luck was in how the final table played out — more than any other event I’ve ever seen — and whether all of this will be good for poker in both the short and long term. With Saturday’s session lasting seventeen-and-a-half-hours to get from nine players down to two, and then the heads-up battle starting so late on Monday night, we discussed whether it’s fair to older players (which these days means over 30) to have to compete in these marathons against younger opponents who have much more stamina.

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