Today on my poker radio show, The Final Table, Dennis Phillips and I brought in The Poker Coach, Joe McGowan, for a great lesson about how to notice the difference between a strength tell and a weakness tell in your opponents, so you can figure out if they have a real hand or just a bluff.

We also talked about the advice Dennis has given 2009 WSOP Main Event runner-up Darvin Moon about finances (Darvin, who won $5+ million, is scheduled to join us next week). Then we moved onto a young online pro who played more than 40,000 hands in 24 hours to set a world record, billionaire Andy Beal buying up Donald Trump’s casinos, and a bunch of grandmothers who had their home game busted up by the cops.

We also talked with John Pappas of the Poker Players Alliance for an update on the 6-month delay in implementation of the UIGEA, the law affecting online poker players, and the efforts on Capitol Hill to get rid of any law keeping you from playing poker wherever and whenever you like.

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