This week on my poker radio show, The Final Table, Dennis Phillips and I talked about some recent poker news, including a debate about the “data mining” accusations against some of the players involved in nose-bleed-stakes heads-up matches. These online games have involved swings of millions of dollars, and the controversy revolves around some of the opponents of Isildur1 who shared information about hands they’ve played against him with another player who eventually beat him for $4.2 million in one session. When the data mining was made public, it resulted in at least one of the players being suspended from playing on one online poker site. We discussed the ethics of the matter and whether it is any different than players in a live game sharing information about a common opponent before sitting down to play against him/her.

In his Poker Coach segment, Joe McGowan offered one of his strongest lessons yet, about setting up the bluff and how, depending on various factors and opponents, you could count “scare” cards or “danger” cards among the outs that could help you take down a pot. Dennis and I both agree that this strategy has been rarely discussed elsewhere, so many listeners will go back to review it multiple times before invoking it at the table.

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