Today on my poker radio show, The Final Table, Dennis Phillips and I were in the poker room at Harrah’s St. Louis, where a local player just hit a bad beat jackpot for $212,655 — and you won’t believe how it happened. We have all the details.

Also in our opening segment, Dennis talked about playing over the weekend in the Heartland Poker Tour kickoff event in Las Vegas and revealed that, a few hours before we went on the air, he was invited to be one of the 64 select players in the NBC Heads-Up Championship at Caesar’s Palace at the beginning of March.

In our guest segment, we were joined by Matt Savage, tournament director of the Los Angeles Poker Classic, which kicks off six weeks of events tomorrow at the Commerce Casino. And in the Poker Coach segment, Joe McGowan talked about letting go of a big hand instead of falling in love with it.

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