Dennis Phillips and I began the second year of our poker radio show The Final Table yesterday.

One of our topics of discussion was why, in a world where anyone of legal age can sit down at a poker table to play — regardless of gender, race, or anything else — there are still some tournaments for women only. Nolan Dalla, media director of the World Series Of Poker, joined us to share his thoughts from the perspective of someone who has kept an eye on the growth of those tournaments and the number of women who play poker in general.

Speaking of tournaments, we also talked about the innovative team-play format of the Caesar’s Cup event that aired on ESPN Sunday night, and then Joe “The Poker Coach” McGowan helped us analyze a hand e-mailed by a listener who wondered if he played too conservatively when he flopped a set on a flush-heavy board and folded when another player bet into him. We’re always looking for interesting hands and scenarios to discuss, so send yours to

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