This week on our poker radio show, The Final Table, Dennis Phillips and I talked with Victor Ramdin, who has made quite a name for himself in the last few years. Not only has he won over $2.5 million in live tournaments, but he has donated huge amounts to charity, including the work he does for people in need of medical care in his home nation, Guyana.

We talked to Victor about his philanthropic work, how he first became interested in poker, how he was mentored by Phil Ivey, and his plans for this year’s World Series Of Poker. We also discussed his reputation for aggressive and unpredictable play — and how he changes strategies when he runs into another player like himself.

In his Poker Coach segment, Joe McGowan started a new series on tells you should watch for in your opponents — particularly conscious ones like the way he tells you how many chips he has left — and what it means when you’re heads-up and the other player acts friendly and checks it to you. This is extremely valuable advice, and we’ll have Joe do more of it on next week’s show, too.

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