On this week’s installment of The Final Table, the poker radio show I’m doing with Dennis Phillips, we talked with Greg Raymer, who won the 2004 World Series Of Poker Main Event (and then went on to finish 25th in a huge field the next year, too).

Last month, Greg played in the World Cup of Poker, a international team event with a unique format. We also discussed all the requests he’s gotten to back other players since becoming a poker millionaire, why he doesn’t like the WSOP decision to do away with re-buy tournaments this year, and the poker training he’s doing with his new video website.

In another segment, our regular contributor Joe McGowan, the poker coach, explained how to profile players from the moment you sit down at the table, and how important it is to pay attention even when you’re not in a hand. And Josh Schindler, The Poker Lawyer, explained how tournament players can parlay their success at the table into lucrative endorsement deals.

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