Finn Murphy’s job is to move people and their stuff — loading and unloading and carrying their belongings thousands of miles across the US, crisscrossing the country and encountering all sorts of characters, from clients to truckers to cops. He’s been doing it for over thirty years, and writes about his life in “The Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road.”

When he joined me on the air, we discussed:

  • The difference between movers and other long-haul truckers;
  • Whether there’s a science to packing all the stuff into the trailer so it doesn’t get damaged en route;
  • Some clients who have treated him like crap and the driver who almost killed him;
  • How the book came out of tapes he recorded while driving;
  • How technology has changed a trucker’s job and life;
  • Whether he fears the advent of trucks that drive themselves;
  • The most expensive thing he dropped or broke while packing up someone’s house.

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