Andy Slater tweeted this photo showing activity last night in a poker room at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, two hours after it re-opened. He said there were 106 people on the waiting list for 18 tables, with a maximum of 6 players in each game.

I have seen stories about several other casinos that are trying to lure everyone back in, with new social distancing measures that will be ineffective, and promises to keep the gaming areas clean. Yet in this case, players were¬†not required to wear face masks — and they were all still touching the cards and chips.

So, the idiots are showing up, creating a herd that will thin itself. The irony is that the ones who are sitting down at those tables are probably the easiest to take money from because critical thinking is not in their skill sets. Of course, even a moron can hit a two-outer.

Note the plexiglass dividers between the players. While l I like six-handed play, I don’t want to feel like I’m in a phone booth (that’s a reference younger players won’t even get).