1) October seems much quieter in St. Louis this year. Maybe it’s because the Cardinals aren’t in the playoffs and the Rams aren’t in the time zone.

2) Joe Veix is amazed so many people want the Olive Garden Pasta Pass, and asks how much pasta can you eat before you die?

3) Great minds think alike. In my review of “Deepwater Horizon,” I wrote:

The cast also includes Kate Hudson as the wife of Mark Wahlberg’s character. But like Sienna Miller in “American Sniper” and Laura Linney in “Sully,” she only gets to be the worried-spouse-on-the-phone, bringing exactly nothing to the script or story line. It’s as if someone at the studio said, “But there’s no love interest” and “We get too many complaints about a lack of roles for actresses over 40,” so they wedged one in.

Now Rebecca Keegan has written a piece for the LA Times entitled “Why are so many gifted actresses relegated to ‘wife on the phone’ roles in heroic male movies?