Here’s an interesting legal case that looks like something out of a contracts class in law school. My guest, Jasha McQueen, wants to use two frozen embryos to have a couple more children. He ex-husband doesn’t, but when they conceived and stored the embryos in a cryobank, he signed a piece of paper giving her the right to them in the event of a divorce. However, when Jasha went to court to enforce that contract, the judge wouldn’t agree.

On my show, Jasha laid out her case as I asked her whether it’s right to make him a father again when he doesn’t want that, and why she wants to bring into the world two more children genetically connected to the man who abused her. As you’ll hear, she was very convincing in her answers. Watch the conversation above or listen to the audio-only version, then click here to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes!