Greg “Fossilman” Raymer checked in this afternoon on my show, live from the World Series of Poker main event (which he won in 2004). Out of 8,532 people who started the event, Greg completed Day One yesterday in 35th place with $48,900.

I asked him if he was happy with that chip count, whether the bathroom breaks are any better this year than last, and whether he’s aware of how other big poker names are doing in the tournament. He also explained how he lost a hand to a woman who wanted to fold her cards but wasn’t allowed to.

One of the reasons Greg has been so successful is his relentless concentration on what’s happening at his table, regardless of the distractions in the room. Other players aren’t taking the WSOP quite so seriously — including one guy who sat at the table watching all five “Rocky” movies on a portable DVD player.

If Greg sounds a little tired during this interview, it’s because he’d been playing until 3am and then only gotten a few hours sleep before we woke him up

Listen to the conversation here.