Is there anything more inane than interviews with people waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square? They’re freezing, they’ve been standing in the same place for 12 hours with no bathroom access, and they’re so desperate to be on TV they’re willing to talk to Kellie Pickler.

It could be worse. They could be home watching The Man With No Charisma, Carson Daly, who doctors say may come out of his coma any month now. I’ve met funeral directors with more personality.

And here in St. Louis, we still have to put up with the local TV stations (Fox 2 and ABC 30) delaying coverage of the Times Square ball drop so it coincides with midnight central time. Meanwhile, we could change channels at 11pm to see that same event occur live on NBC, CNN, etc. It’s remarkable that we’re nearly a decade into the 21st century and there’s still nothing to televise live from our own time zone as the new year rolls in.