Today’s Harris Challenge — the most fun you can have with your radio on — includes trivia questions about Pi Day (today’s date is three one four), St. Patrick’s Day (coming up Monday), and the weekly topical category, “Have You Been Paying Attention?”

During the Pi Day category, you’ll hear me recite the digits of pi to more than 50 places off the top of my head. I memorized them as a junior in high school to win a bet, and still remember the string to this day. It’s never been good for much (especially attracting women) or for any acclaim, since the world record holder, Chao Lu, recited pi to 67,890 places in 2005. It took him over 24 hours — and he wasn’t allowed any breaks for food or to use the bathroom or anything else that would have let 15 seconds go by without another digit. I wasn’t quite that committed (in other words, the bet wasn’t that big).

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