And your Homecoming Queen is………..Aaron Zaggy!

Yes, she is a he. Aaron Zaggy is a senior at University City High School whose friends talked him into running for Homecoming Queen — and he won. Today on my show, Aaron explained how the whole thing started, how the girls who lost to him reacted, whether he danced with the Homecoming King, and how his girlfriend reacted to the whole thing (for the record, Aaron says he’s heterosexual).

Next, I asked UCity Schools spokeswoman Daphne Dorsey why the school district even allowed Aaron to pull this prank, what kind of reaction they’ve gotten, and whether they’ll allow it to happen again next year.

This one seems simple. If there’s a single position available, such as president of the student council, it’s open to both genders — but when there’s a King and a Queen, the delineation is about as obvious as can be.

The UCity school district blew it, helping make Aaron the Ferris Bueller of 2007.

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