Casino hotels should not have housekeeping knocking on doors at 9am. Most of us have only gone to bed a few hours ago, so that’s way too early to be waking us up. Unless I have to get out of town on an early flight, it’s rare that I’m even moving much before noon after playing poker deep into the night. Even though I keep the Do Not Disturb sign on the door (I explained why in this column), I can still hear them knocking on the neighbors’ doors, banging around, vacuuming, etc.

These hotels should also have floors designated for no children. It’s not the kids’ fault. I know that some families come for the other amenities the big resorts offer, from the pool to the entertainment to the restaurants, but they live on a different clock than poker players and gamblers. We already have entire floors dedicated to non-smokers — and that’s a very good thing — and it would be nice to have one dedicated to late-sleepers.