One of the most famous movie locations of all time is for sale — the Corleone compound from the “Godfather” movies. In real life, the 8-bedroom house with two fireplaces, a four-car garage and an in-ground pool on Staten Island has been owned by the Norton family for 50 years, but they’ve put it on the market.

The $2.9 million asking price doesn’t include the stone wall and gate you saw in the movie, though. Coppola’s crew built those and took them down when they left. You don’t get to take the cannoli, either.

Here’s a member of the Norton family talking about the day the movie production took over his home and neighborhood. The highlight is seeing the cue card Marlon Brando used for one of his last scenes — when you watch it, you’ll clearly see him looking up to read his lines. At the end of the interview, Norton shows cans of home movies his mother took behind the scenes, which he says they may make public for the 40th anniversary of the movie, which would be 2012. Let’s hope so.