“They can do that, but we still don’t have a cure for cancer.”

After all these years and billions of dollars, why don’t we have a cancer cure yet? My America Weekend guest Jake Bernstein, business reporter for Pro Publica, says it’s because Big Pharma is betting on new blockbuster cancer drugs that cost billions to develop and can be sold for thousands of dollars a dose. That leaves behind low-cost alternatives that don’t have enough profit potential to make it worth the investment.

I asked Jake about the role of taxpayer dollars in the search for a cancer cure via the National Institute Of Health, what happens to those “financial orphans,” how much it costs for patients who need cancer treatments, and how the health insurance system can support them. Listen, then click here to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes!

Read Jake Bernstein’s in-depth Pro Publica investigation into the lack of low-cost cancer treatments here.