Huge reaction to the lawsuit filed by Josh Hancock’s father today on my radio show, and in my News 4 At 6 segment on KMOV-TV.

Josh was the Cardinals relief pitcher who died at the end of April in an accident on Highway 40, when he rammed his rented SUV into the back of a flat-bed tow-truck whose driver had stopped to help the driver of a Geo Prism that had been involved in an early accident.

The police report said Hancock’s BAC was .157, he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, he was speeding (68 in a 55), and was on his cell phone at the time of impact. For several hours before his death, he’d been drinking at Mike Shannon’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant.

The lawsuit puts the blame on Shannon’s for letting him leave that night — even though Pat Shannon says she offered him a cab — and on the tow truck driver and company, and even the driver of the Prism!

This will do nothing but erase any sympathy for Josh’s family and sully his memory (if his self-destructive behavior that night hadn’t already done so). Shame on the family for even filing this suit.