On Friday, the day after he’d been found guilty of 34 felonies, Trump did what was billed as a “press conference” at Trump Tower, but took no questions from reporters and instead repeated the same vitriolic lies he’s spewed for years. Kudos to CBS and ABC for not carrying his garbage, and shame on NBC for devoting 20 minutes of airtime before cutting away.

Worse were the cable networks that carried him in full, because they couldn’t predict he’d spout nonsense — despite being burned by him exactly this way for years and years. It would only have been a shock if Trump had offered a lucid, clear, and … oh, what am I talking about?

MAGA morons have spent the last few days disclaiming the jury’s unanimous decision and claiming this was a political prosecution. Then in the next breath, they promise that when Trump gets back in the White House, Democrats and the media will be locked up without even the process of a trial. It’s like they don’t own a mirror to see the hypocrisy spilling out of their mouth holes.

Meanwhile, in the hopes of fomenting a civil war, right-wing wackos have been ramping up their dangerous rhetoric on live-streams and in podcasts with reminders that MAGA has all the guns and will use them to kill people in blue cities. Because murder is only legal if it’s done on behalf of the law and order candidate who believes in neither. At least it’s not political.

Sunday, on Fox News Channel, Trump said he’d be okay with going to jail or being put under house arrest. Yeah, sure. Just like he was definitely going to take the witness stand and testify in the New York hush money coverup case — but never did. Why does the media even report his litany of lies without calling them exactly that?

Meanwhile, one of his loudmouth sycophants, Laura Loomer, said over the weekend that she will handcuff herself to Rikers Island if Trump is forced to do time there (which he never will be). She called it a hellhole, but I’ve never heard her say that the conditions are too awful for the never-impeached men already behind bars there. To top it off, she tweeted, “I WILL GO TO JAIL FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! And EVERYONE else should be willing to go to JAIL for him too!!!!” Because, as you know, he’d gladly go to jail for you. Except for the going to jail part.

I’m trying to imagine the reaction from MAGA media and other right-wing extremists to a report that Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (or her husband, Patrick) was flying the American flag upside down outside their house in protest. I’m sure the wackos would be just as supportive of her action as they are of Martha-Ann and Samuel Alito and wouldn’t think of demanding Jackson resign from the court.

At least she’s not taking expensive vacations underwritten by ultra-rich manipulators whose agenda includes pressing constitutional questions she’ll have to rule on.