A town in North Carolina has banned solar farms — which convert the power of the sun into electricity — because its citizens are morons. In particular, let’s point out Bobby and Jane Mann. During public comments at a town council meeting, Bobby warned that solar farms would suck up all the energy from the sun, while Jane (a retired science teacher!) was worried that photosynthesis would not occur in plants near the solar panels. She also told the council that, despite having no evidence to back up her claim, “no one could tell me they don’t cause cancer.”

These people are so dumb they probably cover up the outlets in their homes to keep the electricity from leaking out. Naturally, the council voted 3-1 against rezoning a piece of land for a proposed solar farm, and then voted for a moratorium on them in the future.

Wanna bet that most of these people don’t understand what’s making their necks so red?