Why doesn’t the media identify the Hutarees as religious extremists? You don’t have to be an Islamic jihadist to develop bizarre beliefs about using violence and mayhem to fight the government.

Do groups like the Hutarees really think that 17 idiots running around the woods in camouflage with some guns can beat the US government at anything? Don’t they know that the government has things they don’t, like tanks and planes?

Why don’t they try making it through a month on “Survivor” first? I bet they wouldn’t win a single challenge, although you could overthrow Probst pretty easily.

If you’re an anarchist, how can you be a member of a group that blindly follows one leader?

If the Hutarees’ plan for a revolution did succeed, then what? If Americans had to choose between the government and religious extremists, wouldn’t they choose the former all day?

If it’s legal for the Secret Service and other law enforcement groups to set up a “free speech zone” hidden out of sight a certain distance away from political conventions or appearances, why is it illegal to limit access by the homophobic loons from Kansas who protest at funerals of dead US soldiers, where they carry obnoxious signs and chant hateful comments?

If Republicans in Congress justified huge deficit spending for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush because it would “save American lives,” why are they opposed to deficit spending for health care reform that would save even more American lives?