Considering how much Trump likes to put down people he considers “losers,” I’d think he’d be happy to see Confederate statues being torn down. After all, the Confederacy lost the Civil War over 150 years ago — and I guarantee that if they’d won, there wouldn’t be any statues of Union generals anywhere in the south.

After all, you don’t see any cities throwing victory parades for the teams that lose the Super Bowl or World Series, do you?

Speaking of Trump, there’s a Democratic politician in California calling for him to be removed from the presidency via the 25th Amendment. That’s not going to happen and Dems shouldn’t want it. He’s made so many enemies on Capitol Hill and has such low approval ratings now that he can’t get any legislation passed. That would change quickly if he left and Mike Pence was in charge.

Yes, you’d have the crazy guy out of the office, but the right would move so quickly to pass its agenda it would make the left’s head spin — and then they couldn’t use The Insane President in campaign commercials for congressional races next year.