From my Twitter feed

  • When Manhattan had tornado warnings a few days ago, my Missourian daughter looked out the window & calmed friends’ nerves by saying “Nope, not dark enough!”
  • Nice to see Congress has returned from a 5-week vacation so it can get back to the business of doing nothing. BTW, did you get 5 weeks off?
  • Can’t wait to see these new features in Apple’s iOS6 (plus whatever they announce Wednesday).
  • Stephen Tobolowsky remembers how much fun it was to make the movie “Sneakers” 20 years ago w/Redford, Kingsley, et al.
  • Missouri stupidly banned the use of phones & any other electronic equipment at poker tables. I defied the rule by watching the NFL on a nearby TV during a hand.
  • More TSA Idiocy: testing drinks bought by travelers inside the terminal, AFTER passing security!
  • I have decided I’m going to get a divorce from Kelsey Grammer, too. Here’s why.
  • Slightly Cooler Than Your Job: meet the people who drive NASA’s Rover on the surface of Mars.