From my Twitter feed

  • Took me 22 minutes to vote this morning. Only complaint: not enough touch-screens, too many paper ballots. Isn’t this the digital age?
  • This is the first election my daughter has voted in, which means she has never voted for a white guy for President.
  • Sad knowing that at the end of the day, when votes are counted, we’ll still be stuck with an ineffective Congress of the same old weasels.
  • I love this Election Day Fun Fact: Last time GOP won WH w/o Nixon or a Bush on ticket? Hoover 1928. [from Al Kamen]
  • This pic is going around. Does no one else notice the country with the highest percentage for Romney? [from Phil Plait]
  • A list of some of the excruciating things we endured in the 2012 campaigns. [from Howard Kurtz]