From my Twitter feed tonight…

  • My show America Weekend is up for Golden Globe for Best Radio Show Named After A Country & Calendar Part. Hope we beat Botswana Fortnight.
  • It’s so nice to see former Somali cab driver Amy Poehler win a Golden Globe. She didn’t even use a stunt double in Captain Phillips.
  • Those State Farm “discount daaable-check” spots are a lock to win the Golden Globe for Most Annoying Commercials Not Starring Papa John.
  • The Golden Globes seem so tarnished since Dan LeBatard put his ballot on Craigslist.
  • What, no NBC sponsor for the long walks to the stage at the Golden Globes? “This walk from the back of the room brought to you by Botox.”
  • I wish someone had said “spoiler alert” before Breaking Bad won the Golden Globe. I’m still binge-watching the nominees on Netflix.