From my Twitter feed

  • The secret service agent he played in “In The Line Of Fire” would’ve thrown himself between Clint Eastwood, the podium, & the chair last night.
  • After Romney and other GOP speakers praised the late Neil Armstrong, I loved Tom Brokaw’s comment that putting men on the moon was a HUGE government project, which created a lot of private business opportunities.
  • Did Clint Eastwood get his idea for interviewing an empty chair from Piers Morgan on the night Todd Akin didn’t show up?
  • CBS is using Abe Lincoln’s anti-slavery line “A house divided against itself cannot stand” to promote “Big Brother.” Stay classy, Tiffany network!
  • NBC delaying the Olympics by a few hours was nothing compared to GOP efforts to delay progress by a few generations.
  • I only saw a few minutes of the 2012 Mitt Romney Games on NBC last night, but they looked like the most boring Olympics ever.
  • CNN can’t even treat a story correctly when it has to do with CNN!
  • If you’re an online poker supporter, note that both Romney & the GOP platform demand a ban on all internet gambling.