From my Twitter feed

  • The new pope got the job because he raised the most money on Kickstarter.
  • Can’t wait to hear Beyonce sing the Vatican national anthem.
  • When do they start throwing beads from the St. Peter’s balcony to the women below?
  • Matt Lauer just announced that it’s not his fault that Ann Curry wasn’t named pope.
  • The new pope should’ve started his speech with a joke — a cardinal, a priest, and a nun walk into a bar…
  • After the pope’s speech is over, I wonder if CNN, Fox, and MSNBC will carry coverage of the rebuttal.
  • To celebrate the new pope, the Entenmann’s outlet store near the Vatican has put up a sign, “Habemus Pop’Ems!”
  • I wish they’d picked a black pope, just to see the crowd in Vatican Square react like the residents of Rock Ridge when Cleavon Little showed up.