From my Twitter feed

  • As he overthrows yet another receiver, Peyton Manning is on track to be named the Super Bowl Least Valuable Player.
  • The Super Bowl MVP goes to DisneyWorld. The Super Bowl LVP is forced to stay in New Jersey.
  • What’s the over/under on the number of Seahawks players who know who Kurt Russell is?
  • After the game started with a safety, some guy is cashing in the most unlikely winning Super Bowl bet ever.
  • Audi commercial slogan: “We don’t like to compromise.” Brought to you by the Tea Party.
  • I bet Stephen Colbert spit out his pistachios when he saw the bear in the yogurt commercial.
  • In the Super Bowl, experience is overrated. NONE of the Seahawks have played in one before tonight, but 3 Broncos have.
  • You’re shocked Bob Dylan did a car commercial? Most of America is shocked he’s still alive. And that wasn’t his real voice, was it?