From my Twitter feed

  • Only 5,000 people voted in Maine’s GOP caucus last night — less than the number of people who tweeted about Whitney Houston in the same hour.
  • I’m dazzled by Cameron Crowe’s doc “The Union,” about the recording sessions for Elton John’s collaboration with the musician he says inspired him more than any other, Leon Russell (with cameo appearances by Stevie Nicks, Brian Wilson, Don Was, Booker T, and more). It’s airing multiple times this month on HBO — set your DVR so you don’t miss this musical history lesson.
  • Peter Funt says politicians who rail against class warfare should recognize they’re promoting it now at airports & on the road.
  • It’s not often I laugh out loud while reading a newspaper, but Maureen Dowd’s piece about Callista Gingrich did it. 
  • Mimi Alford got a lot of attention this week for her tell-all book about her affair with JFK.  I am shocked to hear that he had sex with a White House intern. Next thing you’ll tell me is that Nixon was corrupt.