From my Twitter feed

  • Nothing says spring has arrived quite like the sound of gas-powered leaf blowers in the neighborhood first thing in the morning. Especially when it’s 32 degrees outside.
  • I won’t be entering any March Madness office pools this year. I’ve already lost too much money betting on spring training baseball. Those intra-squad games are hard to handicap!
  • President Obama’s limousine broke down today at Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv after being wrongly filled with diesel instead of gasoline. The valuable time lost getting a new limo flown in is going to hurt his team’s chances of winning “The Amazing Race.”
  • Last night, ABC debuted “Splash,” a show in which “celebrities” take a dive. Who says the mob doesn’t control TV?
  • One of the celebs on “Splash” is 410-pound Louie Anderson. When he hit the water, coastal communities were given a tsunami warning.
  • As if that’s not dumb enough TV for you, yesterday afternoon Fox Sports Midwest broadcast a dodgeball match from one of those trampoline-floor places in the St. Louis suburbs. I almost missed it because I had set the DVR to record The Ocho.
  • MGM has announced that the next James Bond movie will be out in 2016. That gives me just enough time to forget how disappointed I was by “Skyfall” and it’s recent predecessors and get sucked back in to believing Bond can be good again.