From my Twitter feed

  • Whenever I hear Richie Havens’ name I don’t think of Woodstock, I think of this Albert Brooks standup bit.
  • Tom Shales on the frustrations (and pleasure) of working with editors.
  • Give Al Michaels credit. When he was busted for DUI, he didn’t ask the cop, “Do you know who Reese Witherspoon is?
  • Fear-mongerers proven wrong again: cases of HPV virus are declining in Australia due to vaccinations. Science FTW!
  • If you watched nothing but Sunday morning TV, you’d think America only had two Senators — Graham & McCain. Don’t the others have phones?
  • Durex (the condom company) has a new product called Fundawear that allows people to touch each other online. You may want to consider the demo video NSFW.
  • Yet another example of what often goes wrong when you put a non-broadcaster (Dick Morris) in a prime talk radio slot.