From my Twitter feed this week…

  • Don’t feel too bad for Ann Curry losing The Today Show. It’s not like she’s being sentenced to a career at CNN.
  • JP Morgan says its losses weren’t $2 billion, but more like $9 billion. Fortunately, their business doesn’t rely on being good with numbers.
  • Infomercial pioneer Barry Becher has died, and the family wants his tombstone to include his catchphrase, “But wait, there’s more!” (probably etched with a Ginsu knife)
  • US News’ Rick Newman says the SUV era is over because baby boomers have stopped pretending to be off-roading daredevils.
  • Interesting interview with Marc Maron about his “WTF” podcast, his comedy, etc.
  • Katy Waldman says there’s nothing wrong with noisy female tennis players, so long live the grunt!