From my Twitter feed

  • Headline this morning on the front page of The Clint Eastwood Times-Courier-Journal-Post: “The Chair Won!”
  • The answer to the question, “Does America have a drinking problem?” is that 48,776 people voted for Roseanne Barr yesterday.
  • Without a doubt, Americans are better off today than they were 18 months ago, when all those goddamn campaign ads started, but are now gone.
  • Despite more women being elected, the most powerful minority in America remains people of the male gender, for the 237th consecutive year!
  • Dear Justice Roberts: this time, don’t wing it when you give President Obama his oath of office. You have 10 weeks to rehearse!
  • Which pundits should be banned from TV after making horribly wrong predictions about the election? Here’s the answer.