From my Twitter feed

  • Stores are already selling Halloween candy, cuz candy corn is perfect for your tailgate party to kick off college football season tonight.
  • Got the Larry Sanders box set months ago but just got around to the Making Of documentary. Wow, is Shandling brilliant. And awfully strange.
  • I wish “Fear Factor” was still on the air so Dick Cheney could have a media outlet to promote his book while being waterboarded (several readers subsequently informed me that NBC is, in fact, bringing the show back this year — because, somewhere, there’s an animal part that no one has tasted).
  • A store in Santa Monica did a promotion where the first 100 through the door wearing nothing but underwear got free clothes. So many people showed up that way that the store gave the next 100 a 50% discount — half off for having half off.
  • Speaking of underwear, authorities are trying to figure out how 3,000 pairs of panties ended up on the side of the road in Ohio.
  • The kicker on this college football team is 61. That’s not his number, it’s his age. Alan Moore is George Blanda plus 13!