From my Twitter feed

  • In the news this week: Libya, earthquake, Jobs’ resignation, & a botched penis-cutting in Kentucky. Unfortunately, I’m not on the air until NEXT week!
  • I’m not an early adopter, so I won’t read Steve Jobs’ resignation letter. I’ll wait until Apple releases an updated letter next summer.
  • Why is it that no book publishers promote their “USA Today best-selling” authors? Is the NY Times the only list that matters?  Someday I hope to be a “free weekly newspaper thrown in your driveway even if you don’t want it” bestselling author.
  • Celebrating in Tripoli means shooting your gun straight up in the air. Good thing there’s no gravity in Libya.  What did they do before guns were invented — throw rocks and sticks above their heads? How’d that work out?
  • A perfect solution to the dilemma of whether or not Jerry Lewis should appear on this year’s MDA telethon, from Mark Evanier.
  • Flamingoes predicted the DC quake by gathering in a circle at the National Zoo, while the giant pandas just sat there.