Mark Evanier writes on his blog:

So now the U.S. government owns 79.9% of American International Group, one of the largest international insurance and financial services organizations in the world. Hey, what’s that term we use when other countries do this kind of thing?

Oh, right. Communism. Well, that always works so well.

But don’t despair. At least the C.E.O. of A.I.G. got a $47 million dollar severance package back in July. I mean, you have to reward a guy who does such a fine job steering his company. And I was glad to see that so many investors did well the last few days by selling the stock short. They made about $40 billion which doubled the price we (you and me, folks) paid for this failing insurance firm we now own.

Several years ago, I wrote a joke that Bush was doing such a bad job with the economy, his only hope was to burn the country down and try to collect on the insurance. Now we can’t even do that because we’re the insurance company…