Digging into my archives again, here are interview transcripts from some of the odder guests who appeared on my radio show a decade ago:

  • In August, 1997, after Marv Albert’s name appeared in a book about a dead dominatrix, I wondered on the air what it was like for a woman to play that role. One of my producers looked through the City Paper (the alternative weekly in DC) and found the number for Mistress Rebecca, who was more than happy to come on the air and talk about her occupation
  • Also that year, I spoke to Scott Kerman, who had written “No Ticket, No Problem” about his exploits getting into any sporting event or concert he wanted to attend without a ticket. During that conversation, he mentioned that he was going to try to get into the Academy Awards, as he had done the year before. Unfortunately, they were expecting him and he got caught, but that didn’t stop him from returning to my show to tell all about it
  • In January, 1998, I talked with Jack Lufkin, a curator at the Iowa Historical Building, about a very popular exhibit of Things People Have Gagged On