Every tech company wants to find a way to get internet content onto your TV. There are internet-ready sets that can stream movies from Netflix and Amazon or video from YouTube — but you have to have an internet connection or a wi-fi device hooked up to them. Netflix and Apple have their own set-top boxes (Roku and Apple TV, respectively), which cost over $100/each and have sold millions. Now Google is entering the fray with Chromecast, a device that’s much smaller (about the size of a thumb drive) and with a lower price point of $35. Since its introduction on Wednesday, the initial supply of Chromecast has already sold out, but is it worth it, and will it allow you to stream all of the content on your phone/tablet/laptop to that big screen in your living room?

That’s what I asked Tony Bradley, a tech analyst, consultant, and contributor to Forbes, on my America Weekend show today. Listen, then click here to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes!