The Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger story made headlines all week, culminating with one of his online sexting targets, Sydney Leathers, telling Jim Moret of “Inside Edition” about their relationship. Meanwhile, San Diego mayor Bob Filner, who has been accused of sexual harassment by seven women, announced that he’s going into therapy for two weeks (as if that will change a man who hasn’t learned how to treat women with respect after 70 years on the planet) amid calls for him to resign, even by high-ranking officials of his own party.

All of this made for a perfect prelude to my America Weekend conversation with Dr. Timothy Fong of UCLA’s Impulse Control Disorders Clinic and the UCLA Addiction Medicine Clinic. Fong and his colleagues conducted a study to determine whether sex addiction is real or just an excuse men use when they’re caught fooling around. You may be surprised at the findings. Listen, then click here to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes!