James Randi joined me on my America Weekend show today to talk about the Sylvia Browne connection to the Cleveland kidnapping story. As you may know, she used her “psychic” powers in 2004 to tell Louwana Miller that her daughter, Amanda Berry (who had been missing for a year at the time), was dead. This week, Berry was rescued — along with Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus — from the home of Ariel Castro, who had kidnapped them, sexually abused them, and kept them imprisoned in his home for over a decade.

Browne’s prediction was wrong. As usual.

Randi has worked to expose Browne’s garbage for over 20 years, in an effort to stop her from providing incorrect information to people at their most emotionally vulnerable points. We discussed that history, how she lie about her track record and still attract believers, and Montel Williams’ role in enabling her con game.

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