Now that gas prices have notched up to an average of $3/gallon nationally, Joel Makower was back on my show this afternoon to talk about electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrids, and other energy alternatives.

Joel has test-driven some of the cool new all-electric vehicles like the Th!nk and the Wrightspeed X1, which he has written about on his blog.

I also asked him whether, in light of the storms that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes here in the bi-state area, it would be possible for a homeowner to get off the normal electrical grid and have some sort of self-sustaining energy system instead. He pointed out the problems with doing that in the average residential community.

Listen to the conversation here.

Joel is the founder of and writes and speaks about renewable energy and a green marketplace. He’s also associated with Renew US, a website about climate change and clean energy.