With the shocking new revelations in the Jon-Benet Ramsey case, a decade after her murder, I called upon Charles Bosworth Jr. (co-author of “The Killing Of Jon-Benet Ramsey“) to reflect upon the case and the conclusions he came to in 1998 — which may turn out to be completely wrong, if John Karr is the real killer.

Listen to the conversation here.

What I remember about the earliest part of that case was my utter revulsion at the pictures of six-year-old Jon-Benet dressed up for those kiddie beauty pageants, made up to look like a porcelain doll. We never saw any photos of her in what would be considered normal everday clothing for a girl that age — which probably added to the popular belief that there was something wrong with her parents, and suspicion that they were involved in her disappearance. It’s too bad that their exoneration comes too late for Patsy Ramsey, who died a couple of months ago.