Last week, my friend attorney Josh Schindler was on my show for an update on how the Normandy school district was still making it difficult for some students in that unaccredited district to transfer to schools in accredited districts nearby. This week, after Josh went to battle for fourteen of those families, Normandy reversed its decision, according to Elisa Crouch of the Post-Dispatch:

Students were given authorization this past week to leave the district for more successful schools under the Missouri school transfer law. Normandy is giving latitude to parents who had either moved into Normandy after the transfer application deadline passed, didn’t have the required documents to prove residency last winter, or had missed a deadline to file paperwork.

Hopefully, Normandy will stop putting up these obstacles for kids to get the education they deserve (and are entitled to under state law). If they don’t, the district can probably expect to hear from Josh again — and it usually goes his way.