My wife and I spent a few days at Atlantis in the Bahamas last winter. Amid the hotel, restaurants, pools, and beaches, we also wandered through the marina, where huge private luxury yachts were docked. As people walked by, straining their necks to see who and what were inside, the yachts’ crews went about their business, or stood waiting for the owners to return.

On my America Weekend show, I got a little insight into what that life is like from Julie Perry, who served as a stewardess on several of those boats for three years, an experience she writes about in “An Insider’s Guide To Becoming A Yacht Stewardess.” I asked her what the job was, whether it paid well, how the owners and guests treated her and the rest of the staff, how much those yachts cost, and which ports she enjoyed visiting the most (and least).

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You can download a chapter of Julie Perry’s book for free from her site.