Why is it okay for Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin to exploit for political purposes one son’s imminent duty in Iraq and the other son’s special needs — she brought them up last Friday when McCain introduced her, and again tonight at the convention — but her daughter’s pregnancy is somehow off limits?

Why was it okay to attack Jamie Lynn Spears for becoming a teenage mother, but Bristol Palin must be left alone? For the record, I’ve criticized both of them.

If Palin’s executive experience as Mayor and Governor trumps the two Democratic candidates, doesn’t it also trump McCain’s? He’s never run a city or state either. Should the GOP reverse the ticket and put the more experienced leader at the top?

Regarding the Bridge To Nowhere, another one of her favorite self-promoting talking points, how long before a left-leaning PAC runs a commercial about Palin being “for it before she was against it”?

Was that GOP delegate serious tonight when he claimed that Palin has foreign policy experience because Alaska is so close to Russia? At what point did she use the National Guard to keep Putin’s thugs from swimming across the Bering Strait?

Update: It turns out that she has just as much military command experience as the other candidates — none — since in her role as Commander In Chief of the Alaska National Guard, Palin never ordered them to do anything.